Karen Moreshead, Craigville Realty

Karen Moreshead (nee Traywick) is a residential Real Estate Agent. Her family has owned Craigville Realty since 1972.  Karen has been active in operations since 2003 after 10 years of life in Boston, moving to Hyannis Port to raise her family. She graduated from Cape Cod Academy and attended college at Ohio University. Working as a seller’s agent or a buyer’s agent, Karen is proud to say that her strongest suit, communication, has been an invaluable asset.  Every day, she’s excited about keeping track of the market, trends, statistics and inventory. To best help her clients, she strives to know absolutely everything happening relative to their interests.  She loves the Cape and her role sharing knowledge and expertise to help clients realize their Cape Cod objective.

Karen and her husband, John Moreshead have 10 year old twins and love their Cape experiences as a family. John owns Bee Green Landscaping and works with Craigville Realty as well. Deeply imbedded in the community, they love their schools and friends and life on Cape Cod.