• How can I find out more about joining CCBP?

    The best way to find out more about us is to attend a meeting. We love to have visitors. Come along on any Wednesday at 7am to the Hyannis Golf Club, We are always finished by 830am sharp and someone is always on hand to answer questions.

  • Who is in the Group?

    Most of our members are small business owners, although some are sales people and managers of larger businesses.

  • What will I gain from visiting?

    Visitors to our group nearly always come away with some referrals. We want to do business with members of the local community, so please, come along and meet us. You never know how much you’ll gain from the experience.

  • How much does it cost to join?

    Annual fees are $365. We pay $100 per quarter to rent our meeting space and provide breakfast.

  • Where  does the money go?

    All our dues go to supporting our charitable efforts. Check out our Charities Page for more details. We support local charities here on Cape Cod. If you are involved with a non-profit here and are interested in our support please Contact Us for more information.

  • What else is different?

    Our meeting agenda varies from week to week. Some weeks we hold a ‘B Meeting’ when we may discuss our charitable plans as a group, or work on ways to improve our chapter. Sometimes there are team building exercises. Once a month we usually have a guest speaker either from the local community, or on a subject small business owners will find useful. And sometimes we just socialize and enjoy a full breakfast. Check out the schedule here.

  • What are my commitments if I join CCBP?

    We expect you to attend every meeting, or send someone to substitute for you if you are unavailable. Missing a meeting is a missed opportunity to get business of course. However if you are a useful contributor to our efforts you will not get fired for failing to show up. You may have to pay a small fine though – all going to charity of course! If you get a referral from another member, we expect you to follow up in a timely fashion. We need you to make us look good. 


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