Bob Winslow, A1 Exterminators

Bob Winslow joined Cape Community Business Partners in March 2019.

A1 Exterminators has offices in West Harwich and Lynn, MA. A1 Exterminators can respond to all kinds of pest control requirements including insects, rodents and even wildlife infestations. They have a range of service plan options, and can maintain your home or business free of pests, by scheduling regular visits from a pest control professional. Bob is the Inspector for the West Harwich office, and his expertise is key to the company’s ability to provide the best care for their customers, including termite remediation plans, and advice on building maintenance to keep the critters out.

Bob Winslow
A1 Exterminators
72 Main Street, Suite #7
West Harwich, MA 02671
Tel: 508-432-5866
Cell: 508-237-7355

email: [email protected]