Aimee McClune – CCB Media

Aimee McClune moved to Cape Cod in September 2019 and joined CCB-Media. She brings extensive experience in Marketing, and offers Digital Marketing skills as well as access to our privately owned Local Radio Stations reaching all of Cape Cod and based in Hyannis.
Working for big city markets over the years Aimee learned a great deal about different companies and what makes each one unique. She wanted to get back to developing personal relationships with clients and having a trusting one-on-one partnership. Aimee is looking forward to working with a range of businesses on Cape Cod and putting a marketing plan together to help reach their goals. She looks forward to joining the community here on Cape Cod and making long term friendships.
Aimee enjoys walks, spending time with family and friends, and embracing the peacefulness of the Cape Cod beaches.